Idea: Speak Your Life

You've a unique opportunity. ​There's almost nothing you can't discuss in a commencement speech. Here's a quick tip to help push you forward.

​Often, speakers draw from their life. However, it's not about you. You are telling stories from your life, but you are using those stories to help impact others. It is about your audience.

Facing you is the challenge to be original. If you research commencement address topics, most repeat the same ideas. How can you say something new?

The fact that you are speaking, telling your stories, your ideas -- your life.

Great adventures, like the time you made a brilliant decision can be great fodder. After all, we admire your success and knowing a little about how you arrived there might help us along our journey.

Equally good can be a glorious failure. You succeeded in the end, but how did you recover from a bad decision? This might have been merely a poor strategic call, or a massive moral failure. 

​You might tell a story about a smaller adventure too. This is especially effective if it is a tale no one knows, like when you were in third grade and saw something life-impacting.

It can be personal, like living life under persecution or as a immigrant. 

I can help you at any step of the process. Let's connect and talk about it.

How to Speak Your Life

  1. It's not about you (even though it is your life)
  2. You can tell of victories or failures (both can have wisdom)
  3. Think big and small (tell secret stories as well as famous ones)
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